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  • CRM

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Intelligence Redefined
Did you know that 85% of businesses report having a dysfunctional relationship with their CRM platform?
Few things can hinder the performance of your company worse than a CRM system that doesn't do what you want or need it to do.

The symptoms of an unruly CRM are:
  • Frustration, excuses and finger pointing
  • Low ROI on customer engagement activities
  • Leaving a ton of revenue on the table each month

That's when you need Digital Grove to fly in and save the day.

Digital Grove specializes in the successful implementation, stabilization, and servicing of market-leading CRM applications, including:

Contact Digital Grove today and let us show you how we can improve your CRM experience, satisfaction, and results.


Solutions For Sales Teams, By Sales Teams
Why is the most important department in your company the last to get the innovation it needs?
It's no secret that frustrating your sales team with mundane technology leads to lost sales. Sorry, pen and paper, but it's 2014.

Digital Grove is a rare technology company that actually understands the unique needs of sales departments.

For years, we assimilated ourselves into sales teams of all shapes and sizes to gain a unique perspective on the many problems they faced. This type of "in the trenches" approach resulted in a new style of solving those problems in innovative ways.

Now, we build streamlined interfaces and tools to let sales teams focus on one thing — selling more.

Whether your team is comprised of 1 or 1,000, Digital Grove has a solution that is guaranteed to improve your conversions with our tested and proven strategies to take your sales team to the next level of productivity ... and beyond.

  • Visualization Dashboards
  • Lead Scoring and Ranking
  • Auto Dialer / VOIP Integration
  • SMS / Text Message Conversations
  • Sales reports
  • Configurable Sales Targets
  • Performance and Reporting Metrics
  • Innovative Sales Team Challenges

Contact us today to discover how Digital Grove can optimize your Sales conversions. Your team (and management) will thank you for it.


Welcome to a New Era of Infrastructure Stability
When your company depends on its IT infrastructure for all aspects of operation ... why risk instability?
Your company's IT infrastructure should be a properly leveraged asset that empowers your business through a unique assortment of competitive and strategic advantages.

When that's not the case, it's frustrating, and you become vulnerable to a host of problems that can be absolutely crippling for your company's communication, operations, and your bottom line.

Let Digital Grove take your business into the Cloud.

From phones and Internet connectivity, to servers and cabling, Digital Grove provides a wide range of services to ensure your "under the hood" systems are as reliable as possible and running at peak performance:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud
  • TWILIO / Custom SMS Solutions
  • Voice Over IP / VOIP Solutions
  • Cisco Firewalls and Networking Equipment
  • Microsoft SQL Server Performance tuning
  • Microsoft Exchange Configuration
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Internet Access
  • Cabling

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Contact Digital Grove today to find out how we can increase the performance and stability of your organization's infrastructure.


Announcing Digital Grove’s Marketing Maestro Method
Attract, warm, and convert leads like never before.

Suffering from low Marketing ROI? Digital Grove’s high-performance marketing systems fit your business like a glove, and they’ll make you wonder how you ever functioned without us.

Our Marketing Superpowers:
Marketing Software Mastery

There are a ton of marketing software options to help you hit the bullseye, but your arrow is only as good as the archer who lets it fly. We’re practically PhDs at the following systems:

Quickly Build Campaign Inertia

A customized plan of attack allows you to generate the maximum amount of interest and “buzz” in your market to prime your products for success.

Hyper-Effective Lead Generation

Build your email list with strategies that provide the highest “opt-in” rates possible, so you never leave any opportunities on the table.

“Warm” Your Leads for Higher Conversions

You’ve got your leads, now what? Let Digital Grove build and implement a new lead-warming sequence that dramatically increases your conversions.

Marketing Aerodynamics

We've developed a "marketing wind tunnel" that tests the "aerodynamic" properties of your business's marketing system. While most companies have the aerodynamic profile of a city bus, Digital Grove can transform yours into a high-speed, streamlined fighter jet that slips through the air with ease.

Retention 2.0

Did we mention that we’ve developed a fully customizable retention strategy that decreases cancellations by 20-30% and dramatically increases your customer’s average membership duration? Continuity products are our “bread and butter.”

Increase Lifetime Value of Customers

Marketing is fun. Increasing the lifetime value of your customers via creative upsells and superb product delivery is even more fun. We specialize in the long-term strategies that create “champions” for your brand.

Marketing Funnels

Digital Grove can analyze, assess and optimize your marketing funnels to provide a big boost to the conversion and upsell ratings of your funnels.

Content Production

Most companies create content that underwhelms their followers. With Digital Grove in your corner, you’ll be able to produce the most relevant, sharable, viral content your company has ever published:

  • Webinars
  • Live broadcasts
  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Video sales letters
  • Long form sales letters

Social Media

Sick of spending a lot of time, energy, and money on social media pages that provide a minimal number of shares, likes, and comments? You aren’t “speaking the language” of each unique social media platform, which is critical for proper leverage.

Digital Grove is the C-3PO of the business world, as we’re fluent in the following social media languages:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • And many more!

Social media is one of the single most promising opportunities for your brand, yet most companies are still unsure of how to best leverage these platforms for their bottom line.

Google Adwords

These campaigns remain highly effective, and Digital Grove has developed a strategy to “get the most bang for your buck” when it comes to investing in traffic campaigns like Adwords.

Contact Digital Grove today to find out how we can dramatically increase the ROI of your marketing.


Next-Generation IT Protection
Because there is much more to security than simply updating the latest anti-virus definitions ...

Your company is only as strong as it’s weakest link. Are your systems capable of withstanding the wide variety of internal and external threats that could derail your operations in a matter of moments?

Unfortunately, many companies overlook securing their data from the inside. A comprehensive security strategy is essential for any business that seeks systems stability. Is it time for your company to have a security audit?

Digital Grove specializes in providing the ultimate digital defense systems for businesses that value their data:
  • Source Code Review and Security Audits
  • Policy, Procedures and Controls Review
  • Penetration Testing
  • Social Engineering
  • White Hat Hacking
  • Physical Security Assessments
  • Evidence Gathering, Non-repudiation, Digital Forensics
  • Data Storage and Accessibility
  • Backup Solutions
  • Continuity of Business Strategies
  • Catastrophe Planning and Recovery
  • Onsite Team for hire
  • Archer

Contact Digital Grove today to find out how we can help boost the security of your most important digital assets.

Who We Are

At Digital Grove, we have one goal, to grow your business.

From a late-night idea spark to successful kickstart campaign, the sheer excitement and dedication shared by entrepreneurs is one of the main reasons we quit our day jobs to found this company. At the end of the day, we’re different because we are fully vested in your success.

Our passion is helping others succeed.

This is true from the small businesses we have helped, to the young peoples’ lives we get to help improve through our giving back programs.

We know what it’s like to be a small business.

We are a small business too! Today, there are many amazing technical innovations and solutions for all aspects of business, but where do you get started, and how do you implement? Or if you’ve already implemented, how do you know if you are getting most “bang for your buck?”

We can help!

We’re an intensely cohesive, dedicated team of experts in how technology plays a role in all aspects of small business. From accounting to Amazon, from executive management to executive e-mail, we can help you leverage technology so you can focus on what’s important. Click here to contact us.

Meet the Team

Elliot Boney


Since a kid, Elliot’s taken everything apart to figure out how it works, if there was hacking potential and wouldn’t reassemble until he knew everything there was to know. Through this he has been nicknamed the company “swiss army knife” and he is often asked, “is there anything you can’t do?”

When he was 21, he started a small software as a service company serving attorneys in the Austin area, but began giving the service away free of charge to return to school. In the past 3 years, Elliot has taught himself accounting to land the role of Accounting Director for the Texas Chiropractic Association in 2010. He left there in 2011 to seek an opportunity at the Charfen Institute as their analyst, where he was awarded the company’s MVP award two years in a row. There, he identified serious fraud from the CPA, and worked with the Secret Service on prosecuting and recovering millions stolen.

At the same time, he developed a Business Intelligence platform and Financial Reporting System from scratch, which provided the company daily metrics as well as provided the Executive team with invaluable data for decision making. He managed the finance department, and as the company downsized, quickly stepped up to manage the Development and IS departments. Still itching from the entrepreneurial bug that bit him at age 21.

Elliot left the Charfen Institute to join forces with his mentor, Travis Brodeen, who shared the same vision. He now provides consulting and is hands-on with building products for Digital Grove.

Travis Brodeen


Travis is an influential and visionary leader, who at the age of 36 already possesses 16 years of industry experience with proven ability to develop innovative solutions to complex technical challenges.
He is responsible for the success of Digital Grove’s consulting services, custom product development, and marketing.
History includes an aggressive Fortune 500 consulting career counterbalanced by work with startup organizations. Working as a Sr. Executive, critical in company winning 'Inc 500' #21 in 2011 (8,007% growth) and #187 in 2012.

Ray Burrhus

Business Development & Customer Relations Manager

Ray recently retired from the Navy, where he held the rank of Command Master Chief, the senior most enlisted ranking.
Digital Grove clients now rely on Ray's leadership and diligence to define, manage and lead their initiatives.
We are excited to have him on the team as the manager of our Business Development and Customer Relations.

Matt Olaya

Marketing Maestro

Back when the Internet was beginning to gain popularity in the early 90s, most kids were using their computers to play Minesweeper or die of dysentery on the Oregon Trail. Matt was using his to learn everything he possibly could about the world we live in and how to be successful in it. 

Matt's desire to be knowledgeable beyond his years would serve him well decades later, when his journey took him to Austin. There, he helped the Charfen Institute reach #21 on Inc. 500’s list of The Fastest Growing Companies in America. In 2012, Matt and (Digital Grove co-founder) Elliot were both selected as Charfen Institute MVPs for their radically successful contributions to the organization.

Throughout 2013, Matt managed projects and marketing at Idea Incubator, an Austin-based angel investor fund that provides support in marketing, technology, design, and finance. There, he worked alongside and learned a tremendous amount from some of the most successful Internet marketers in history.

Matt now provides Marketing, Content, and Social Media consulting for Digital Grove clients to help them reach the next levels of success.

Our Customers
and Current Projects

Give Back
How we give back.

Digital Grove is committed to giving back to the world. Through our Young Seedlings program, we give children an opportunity to be part of the startup experience. This is a chance for aspiring entrepreneurs, software developers, designers and marketers to sit in as part of the team as we develop the future of technology.

Participation is limited to our availability and new projects. We encourage kids to nurture their own ideas and we help them achieve their dreams.

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